Our basketball players start each day with the Olympic Jump Rope at our basketball camps throughout the year. 

- Bobby Jones, 
North Carolina


About Us


For over 50 years, The Jump Rope Store has manufactured the Olympic Jump Rope with custom colors and sizes at the factory in Oregon.

The Olympic Jump Rope is the original plastic segmented jump rope invented by a school teacher and coach looking for a durable sports product to be used indoors or outdoors. Made with quality materials and labor, the Olympic Jump Rope last for years.
  Trail Blazers 1977
Schools, teams, sports camps and health clubs use the Olympic Jump Rope across the United States and throughout the world to help with their exercise workout. Sports teams use the Olympic Jump Rope everyday to improve overall athletic conditioning during practice and in summer camps. Schools use the Olympic Jump Rope to help fight child obesity on the playground and to improve students' ability to learn in the classroom.
Customers recognize the Olympic Jump Rope as "the good one we used in school." Now you can get the Olympic Jump Rope for your children, athlete in the family, favorite sports team, or local school.  Call 503 - 309 - 5614 to order directly from the factory.

Finding a good jump rope for your team or school includes a little research.

For example, in 2006 the original director of Legally BlondeJerry Mitchell was looking for a good jump rope to use in his play on Broadway in New York.  He bought several sample jump ropes, tried them out and decided on the Olympic Jump Rope.  Mr. Mitchell listed the Olympic Jump Rope in the play's prop kit, only to have confusion set in with others.

Even though Mr. Mitchell put the Olympic Jump Rope in the play's prop kit, some theatrical groups went with the cheaper imitation jump ropes.  After having the replacement ropes fall apart quickly in rehearsal, they ended up calling the The Jump Rope Store at the last minute to get the Olympic Jump Rope for the actual performance. 

The research to find quality jump ropes for your team or school or can be done by calling our factory for samples of the Olympic Jump Rope to compare before you buy.  Too many times customers buy cheap jump ropes, which fall apart within weeks and end their health program.

Hollywood & Oprah have always turned to "the best jump rope on the market."

When movies, TV, or commercials want quality, they use the Olympic Jump Rope on their project:

Jack & Jill - 2011

Dunkin Donuts - 2017

Moneyball - 2011

Oprah Winfrey's Christmas Kindness - 2002